Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Humble request appeal to resp. Central Govt. & Hon. Supreme Court, from a comman man

Recently, almost all news papers heighlights the news of Soharbuddin Encounter case!
I do believe, Law is " Super power" to us all & to be strictly obeyed! but...
was Sohrabuddin a crimeless gentleman fellow? everdoing antisocial activities? at which, our Country & society may be proud and honoured  his deeds ? and above all ...
our country's moreover common man is being eternally sadly thinks to overcome his livelyhood & to ever, edjust his limited earning's Budget, in with going on high prices, inflations! and not to mere read the political happanings and to talkt it in towns!!!
many more criminals may be encountered, in at other states then, why so C. B. I. strictly inquires the facts in our Gujarat?
regarding other states, our Gujarat is a peace & festival loving state, ever peeping nose to other state's problams or their doings!
Central govt. must only think over for every state's commonman into pull up his lively hood, in with his small earning's Budget! He could not much bother his house hold facilities, but gets totally effacted of the high prices in food granis, Kerosene - Petrol & cooking Gas!
otherwise, i fear "History repeats itself" remainds of disasterous old "French Revolution" at which The Queen mocked the poor people begging for bread ! which resulted in "Assassinated Revolution" .

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  1. Wonderful writings................Congrats
    Jolly Uncle