Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Many more years back, when an ordinary cycle was regardrd a wehicle, I bought a Luna moped and was driving to pass R.T.O f ormalities. At traffic signal, i quickly tried to get away before signeled green from yellow! The traffic police man whisled me to stop and made 3 cases: (1) Breaking up Signal (2) head light was on (3) there was no number plate mentioned at its front & back sides! I requestly explained, been newly bought first time, and am going for its passing formalities to the, do kindly excuse me! But he insisted to case me!   At last, i appeared before Hon. Court on my Case Day and humbly explained my case story begging mercy of heavy fine!   And to my glad surprise, Hon. Judge Saheb gladly agreed and fined me nominal for Rs. 5/= only!   THIS WELL PROVES WELL, Hon. JUDGES MAKES JUDGEMENT EMOTIONALLY PREVAILING ON CASE SITUATIONS

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